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Interactive Virtual Spaces

When you require robust virtual interaction, you can benefit from creating a digital environment unencumbered by tactile limitations.

An interactive virtual space allows you to share experiences in a way that mimics real-life — only better.

Live Demo: Kenmore

Interactive Virtual Spaces
Visit Kenmore's live virtual exhibit and gain insight into their new products.

Live Demo: AgStone

Interactive Virtual Spaces
Interact with products, videos, presentations, and more in AgStone's virtual space.
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Skyline XD can work with you to design and develop the perfect virtual space for your needs.

If you already have some ideas in mind and are ready to start turning them into a reality, let’s talk!

Not sure a virtual space is the perfect solution for you? Read on to learn more about what they are and how they can be leveraged to create a brand experience that will set you apart from your competition.

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Who needs interactive virtual spaces?
Art galleries, product showrooms, museums, classrooms, office facilities, trade booths, science centers, and service providers can all bring to life their products and experiences within virtual spaces.

An interactive virtual space can be a digital replica of a physical space such as a library, classroom, or laboratory. But it doesn't have to be. Imagination imposes the only limit on interactive virtual spaces.
What are the benefits of virtual spaces?
A world in flux demands innovation in the marketing space. Interactive virtual spaces improve accessibility, foster creativity, and enhance and retain customer engagement.

Visitors can't always come to a physical space. Everything from travel budgets to global politics can prevent people from traveling. Interactive virtual spaces create an accessible portal for prospective clients to see and experience your offerings.

In addition, virtual visitors are often more engaged, curious, and willing to experiment with products than on-site guests. Virtual experiences can give visitors more detailed knowledge and immersive demonstrations than real-life visits. They are also an effective approach to troubleshooting technical problems and building digital trust through human-led interactions.
Can you track analytics in virtual spaces?
Absolutely. Tracking analytics in virtual spaces can range from simple and broad data all the way to mapping participants' eye movements. Generally, you can use specialized analytics software to create custom reports and track your Google Analytics. At Skyline, we can help you decide what you need to track and then capture and store the right data.
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Partner with Skyline Exhibits & Design

Skyline XD exists to create immersive marketing experiences for our clients, and building virtual spaces is a natural extension of that.

The sky's the limit with what we can use an interactive virtual space for, so if you’ve got some ideas, let’s talk! Let Skyline Exhibits & Design be your partner in creating a brand experience that will wow your target audience. Request a consultation today!

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