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The Skyline XD Difference

Whether it’s a new product created, a process improved, or simply finding the solution to a challenge our clients have, we are here to help you find success.

We believe in the power of design, both in the products we develop and the branded spaces we create. These spaces are developed to influence people to interact, engage, and positively perceive the brand within that space.

We believe that every trade show, event, branded environment, and virtual space is important to you and your company and we, as a global team, will do everything in our power to help you succeed.

Skyline and the power of its network was created to help companies be more efficient, effective, and more successful through a partnership with us. Skyline Exhibits & Designs’ reason for being is to help our clients exceed their goals.

How are we different?

Whether it’s

  • An update to an existing display
  • Fulfilling a need for a small booth
  • A global show schedule requiring extensive asset and logistics management
  • Creating the environment for your proprietary event
  • Design, fabrication and installation of a branded corporate facility

…we focus on your objectives, and we respect your budget and time!

We will challenge your assumptions on the limits of what is possible, what is beneficial, and what your investment in event marketing and engaging environments can return to you. We will tell you when it makes sense to buy an exhibit and when it is more beneficial to rent.

We care.

Therefore, our responsibility to our clients includes providing information, education, ideas, creativity, strategic direction, leadership, and assistance as they navigate the worlds of tradeshows, events and environments.

We help companies.

For over 40 years we have grown by helping attract and engage, by enhancing awareness of and preference for our client’s organizations, products, and services.


What We Do

We provide the industry’s widest possible spectrum of modular solutions. As a global leader in “custom modular” our focus is on creating the marketing communication tool you need.

Who We Work With

We design locally but service globally, and we have a global support team in over 100 cities and 30 countries. We help make small companies larger and huge corporations more efficient, brand-aware, and consistent. Our areas of expertise include:
The Skyline Difference


For healthcare clients, we connect vendors, providers, and practitioners to empower each to best serve their patients.
The Skyline Difference


No matter how sophisticated your tech, we can match your energy to showcase your talent and wow your audience.
The Skyline Difference


From student enrollment to faculty recruitment and everything in between, we can help you highlight your halls of learning.
The Skyline Difference


We work with manufacturers to bring new products to market as well as new and enduring messages to clients and prospects in their target verticals.

The Skyline Difference

Advertising & PR Firms

We appreciate and honor the trust that Advertising Agencies, Public Relations, and Marketing Communication firms as well as graphic designers and marketing consultants place in us in enabling us to work for and with their clients.
The Skyline Difference


From customer care to technological prowess, we work with banking and financial institutions to exhibit your qualifications to your prospects.
The Skyline Difference

Economic Development Agencies

We work with Public as well as non-government economic development agencies on regional promotion and corporate recruitment.
The Skyline Difference

Public Sector Agencies

We work with public sector agencies on a national, regional, statewide, and municipal basis. Much of this work enhances safety, public information, or enjoyment for families.

The Skyline Difference

Professional Service Organizations

We present the benefits, capabilities, competencies and unique or intriguing aspects of Professional Service Organizations.
The Skyline Difference


We work with non-profit organizations across the globe promoting humanitarian aid, healthcare, and freedom.
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Ready to Partner with Skyline XD?

We create first impressions and implant lasting value statements. We provide environments to demo products and collect prospect needs.

We start with Why but precede it with hi! We work hard, so we like to do it in a fun, human-centric manner. We create innovative marketing environments for tradeshow and event marketers, for corporate facilities, and in the virtual space.

We help companies. HOW MAY WE HELP YOU?

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