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Trade Shows & Events

We think of them more like a full-impact exercise designed to grow your human connections and contacts.

To succeed in the modern event space, spectator branding won't do. You need a larger-than-life presence on the show floor. That's where Skyline Exhibits & Design comes in.

We help you increase the impact of your brand when it matters most.

Rental Catalog

Why rent an ordinary exhibit when you can stand out with a customized, fully operational event experience? Skyline Exhibits & Design's experts will design, build and support technologically superior trade show solutions of any size — all compatible with your brand.

Why rent an exhibit?

Are you new to trade shows? Only exhibit occasionally? Work with a fluid brand? Exhibit rental may be the perfect option for you. You can even rent complementary components to enhance your exhibit for a larger show.

What you can rent

With Skyline Exhibits & Design, you can rent an exhibit of any size or any design. Our customized modular exhibits range from portable backwalls to massive custom islands.

We also offer a done-for-you service where we design, produce and install your event solution. All you have to do is show up and exhibit. If you are exhibiting in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Chicago, you can even rent locally and save on shipping.

Worldwide Installation & Dismantle

Our trained and accountable teams take all the grunt work off your shoulders so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

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Trade Show Exhibits

Embrace the power of visual narrative. You aren't just displaying graphics, you're driving engagement through bold and innovative storytelling.
Sonoco exhibit

Custom Island Exhibits

The most impressive space on the floor, custom island exhibits build your brand and enhance your impact.

Supported by skilled craftsmen at one of the world's largest custom facilities, Skyline Exhibits & Design can design a solution tailored to your brand experience. These high-impact spaces are designed for bi-directional people flow and engaging visitor experiences.

Lifoam tradeshow modular

Modular Inline Displays

Using the world’s largest selection of components and systems, Skyline XD focuses solutions on our clients' needs, not selling a limited product line.

Our customized approach creates a product that conveys your vision but retains cost-of-ownership savings. Skyline Exhibits & Design's flexible graphics and configurable components make our modular inlines easy to pack, ship, and set up.

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Trade Show Services

It's about more than the exhibit⁠—Skyline XD helps companies improve results and efficiencies.
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Structural & Graphic Design

Our award-winning design team can help tell your brand's story through a multi-layered narrative approach. We combine architecture, design, lighting, and technology to create a functional, unique exhibit that gets results.
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Total Exhibit Management

Keep your focus on your mission, and don't sweat the exhibit. We've got you. Skyline Exhibits & Design's I&D teams are on the ground, making sure your exhibit installation gets done right and on time.

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International Exhibiting

International exhibiting is a world away from popping up a display. Skyline Exhibits & Design can reduce stress. With trained and experienced trade show professionals in 30 countries, we can design locally but service globally.
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World-wide Service Network

We never leave you to run a booth or environment on your own. With a global network of 130+ dealers in 31 countries, we can design, install, manage, and support our work almost anywhere you exhibit.

Already have a booth? You can contact Skyline Exhibits & Design when you need graphics replaced, team training, or worldwide installation and dismantling.

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Skyline Exhibits & Design offers a full-service array of event exhibits and trade show environments. We can create any look and meet any brand guideline you give us. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it. Our systems can also support AV products and equipment.

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