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Custom Island Exhibits

If you can dream it, we can probably build it. Skyline Exhibits & Design crafts big, bold solutions using high-quality products.

Looking great is just a given. Larger spaces require ergonomic planning, strategic integration, staff training, and promotional awareness—all while attaining the WOW factor. The need remains to be efficient, brand compliant, and focused on goal attainment.

Whether the solution calls for a double deck, hanging signs, theatrical or live presentations; meeting space, hospitality, A/V and technology integration, specialized meeting requirements, unique product demos or promotions, SkylineXD is world renown for delivering solutions.


Make a Massive Impact

Make a statement by the sheer size of your architecture on the show floor. A unique exhibit that meets your objectives can wow prospective visitors, putting your brand in command of the arena.
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Modularity & Flexibility

Skyline Exhibits & Design's modular exhibits let you create different models for each show. Enlarge or streamline your exhibit to fit the space you have without compromising your aesthetic or your brand message.
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Big Savings, Bigger Results

A heavy exhibit is not a better exhibit. It's just more expensive. You can save on shipping and storage with our flexible, lightweight designs.
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Custom Solutions

Custom solutions means there are no limits other than budget, time, gravity, and our collective visions and creativity.

Don't need a permanent booth? Learn more about our options for rent.

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Lightweight Systems

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Graphically Speaking

What's the most powerful part of your exhibit? Its graphics! The quality of your graphic design and messaging will propel your success at a trade show or event. Whether you're working with a small booth or an elaborate exhibit, make sure your graphics project your image and your message.
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A Sizeable Impact

Bigger is better when it comes to graphics. Don't be timid about your message or about the size of the print and images you show it in. Big, bold graphics tell visitors that you're a key player they should get to know.
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The Power of Presence

Nothing happens on a trade show floor until you’re noticed! The booth’s job is not to blend in but to stand out, attract attention, be memorable, be functional, and be a great communication tool.

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Light Up Your Space

Shine a light on — or through — your brand. Lighting is a tool to focus attention on specific messages and products, set a mood, and create an emotional path to your products and services.
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We don't think in pieces — we think in whole ideas. At Skyline Exhibits & Design, our designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers and service technicians work with you to make each piece of your exhibit seamlessly integrate and create one cohesive experience.

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Technology Integration

Technology brings your innovative ideas into existence. 

An exhibit that seamlessly incorporates technology can attract, engage, educate, and inspire visitors like nothing else. 

Attract a Crowd

Videos, looping images, and graphics in motion all attract attention. And once you get a crowd around your booth, you'll attract a bigger crowd. 

Hands-on Engagement

Entertain your visitors with interactive presentations that convey your message. Hands-on activities keep people interested while they learn about your products and services.

Untether Your Technology

Be where your visitors are — in the aisle. Move away from the booth and engage your prospects in the aisle with literature displays and a tablet or iPad.

Virtual Reality 

Nothing beats full immersion. Let your visitors experience your product or service using virtual reality technology.

Why Rent?

If you only exhibit occasionally, renting might be the perfect solution for you. Skyline Exhibits & Design offers exhibits, graphics, and signs — any size and any design — for rent. Check out our rental catalog to learn more about your options.

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Skyline Exhibits & Design offers a full-service array of event exhibits and trade show environments. We can create any look and meet any brand guideline you give us. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it. Our systems can also support AV products and equipment.

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