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Events & Environments

Command the attention of every prospect on the event floor. Call Skyline XD.

Supported by bold graphics and amazing technology, Skyline Exhibits & Design's exhibits can help you dominate the hall.

But we don't just equip you for larger-than-life convention centers. Skyline Exhibits & Design's displays can help you achieve mastery in VIP lounges, conference rooms, and other intimate and exclusive spaces.

Conference Rooms

The real work may not happen on the trade show's floor. Sometimes, you need to conduct business with a key client in a private, controlled environment. We can help you create the right setting to seal the million-dollar deal.
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VIP Lounges

Bring your qualified buyers into a customized conference room for an exclusive presentation. You can offer refreshments and even a chance to meet with a celebrity guest in a well-branded setting.
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Elegant Settings

Stage a unique experience for your prospective buyers in an environment that perfectly represents your brand. Your investment in a customized setting can deliver measurable results.
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Private Presentations

Invite your guests into a private setting for a tailored presentation. Our mobile, technologically enhanced branded environment can tee you up for success.
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Double-Deck Privacy

Rise above your competition. Our double-decker booths maximize vertical space and put you head and shoulders above the crowd.

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Backlit Towers

Skyline Exhibits & Design's larger-than-life, fully backlit towers will definitely catch people's eyes. We construct our towers out of Performa, a fabric specifically designed to feature a vibrant, uniform color from floor to space.
Graphic towers

Impressive Spaces

Our massive, lit towers draw attention from across a crowded exhibit call. These custom-made, high-quality exhibits can last for show after show.
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Grab your customers' eyes with lighting. Our perfectly backlit towers look great both up close and from far off. The LED lights add just the right tone and feel to your company's exhibit.

Milliken tower and hanging signs

Hanging Structures

Go big with a hanging, backlit fabric that can announce your presence from afar. These lightweight structures maximize your visibility and draw a crowd to your exhibit.
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Tower Technology

Dive deep into digital. Skyline Exhibits & Design's trade show towers can seamlessly integrate technology, enhancing your brand presence and your customer engagement.

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Experiences, Games & Activities

Games, activities, and contests draw a crowd, connect with visitors, and engage your brand awareness. When you need a creative and powerful exhibit, call Skyline Exhibits & Design.

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Product Merchandising

Promote your products in an exciting, dynamic environment. You can use your booth's layout, graphics, signage, color, lighting, and design to attract and sell to customers right on the spot.

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Skyline Exhibits & Design offers a full-service array of event exhibits and trade show environments. We can create any look and meet any brand guideline you give us. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it. Our systems can also support AV products and equipment.

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