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Modular Inline Displays

Skyline Exhibits & Design's modular inline displays offer the ideal solution to exhibitors who need pristine designs that don't break the bank.

As versatile as your brand, modular inline displays give you customized, cost-effective options that are sure to stand out on the exhibit floor. Modularity means greater ROI, amortizing your investment more quickly, and retaining flexibility in exhibit usage without relying on renting.

Watch a Modular Display in Action

Why Go Modular?

Our compact, lightweight exhibit solutions can save you money on transportation, drayage, and storage. Plus, they're quick and easy to install whether you employ our team or do it yourself.
Modular Inline Displays


With a Skyline Exhibits & Design modular display, you don't have to commit to the same brand representation show after show. The versatile nature of a modular display lets you add elements, switch out graphics, or expand your booth to fit the space available. You can add kiosks or monitors when you have the space, or streamline your presence when you're working in a constrained environment.
Modular Inline Displays


Modular display kits make it easy to look professional without the burden of designing and installing a complicated display. These exhibits are easy to pack, transport, assemble, and disassemble. For some of our display options, you don't even need tools except your own two hands. With a modular display, you don't have to spend all day fabricating your booth. You can put your energies where they belong.
Modular Inline Displays

Professional Appearance

Your booth is your company's face on the show's floor, and you need to make a good first impression on your visitors. Skyline Exhibits & Design's modular inline displays provide a sleek, cohesive appearance that tells your brand's visual story at a glance. Our durable materials, bold graphics, and high-quality hardware show that you don't skimp on quality.

What can you add to a modular display?

Counters, kiosks, shelves, storage spaces, and custom accessories can customize your booth, making it functional as well as eye-catching.

Rent a Modular Display

You don't have to purchase a product to reap the benefits of a Skyline Exhibits & Design modular inline exhibit. You can rent an exhibit that perfectly showcases your brand and fits in your budget. We rent exhibits of any size and any design. You can also rent accessories and components for a modular display you already own.

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Skyline Exhibits & Design offers a full-service array of event exhibits and trade show environments. We can create any look and meet any brand guideline you give us. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it. Our systems can also support AV products and equipment.

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